Mar 29 / Sophia Aslam

My Internship at In Good Company

Joining In Good Company as a Social Impact Fellow was not just a professional opportunity for me; it was a deeply personal journey. Having a brother with a disability has given me firsthand insight into the challenges and barriers that individuals with disabilities face, especially in the workplace. This experience has not only shaped my understanding of inclusivity but has also fueled my passion for creating a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive in their careers.

Navigating a Steep Learning Curve

At In Good Company, our mission is to seamlessly integrate exceptional job-seekers into workplaces, ensuring they are supported to excel and encouraged to stay for the long term. This mission resonates with me on a profound level, driving my efforts in content creation, market research in the hospitality industry, and implementing HubSpot to enhance our marketing and outreach.

Navigating HubSpot presented a steep learning curve, mirroring the broader challenge of stepping into unfamiliar territories. Similarly, reaching out to establish new connections pushed me out of my comfort zone, teaching me invaluable lessons in communication and resilience.

Deepening My Commitment

A significant portion of my work involved analyzing the hospitality and special education systems to uncover strategies that can reduce unemployment among adults with disabilities. This research wasn’t just about gathering data; it was about finding pathways to inclusion and understanding how to dismantle the barriers my brother and many others face daily.

Reflecting on my time with In Good Company, I see more than just an internship; I see a personal mission coming to life. The challenges I faced, from mastering new technologies to building new partnerships, were opportunities to grow and to contribute to a cause that is close to my heart.

This experience has deepened my commitment to advocating for inclusive employment and has shown me the tangible impact that thoughtful employment practices can have on individuals’ lives. It’s a reminder that our efforts can create spaces where everyone is valued and can excel, reaffirming why this mission is so important to me.