Our mission

Our mission is to address employers’ staffing needs while simultaneously bringing an amazing group of job-seekers to the workplace in a way that will lead them to stay long-term.
Our services are designed to help employers seamlessly fill open positions by equipping them to add in the support necessary to help  employees of all abilities do their best work. When the needed work is done upfront by the employer, the lasting result is an employee who does excellent work and who wants to stay.

Our Team

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Sarah Naumann

Amanda and Sarah met while earning their MBAs at Georgia Tech. Sarah was passionate about disability in the workplace, focusing on the big idea, while Amanda excelled in discovery and building informed solutions. Both eager to use their degrees and skillsets for a greater good by providing meaningful solutions to staffing needs and employment gaps in the disabled community.In their final semester of business school, Amanda and Sarah ran a successful pilot, placing a long-term employee from the Autism community in a high-churn position at a local Atlanta restaurant. Subsequently, they graduated and have been expanding their solution to the broader service industry ever since.

Amanda Shojaee