Dec 5 / In Good Company

Integrated Employment at Work, at the Westgate Park City Resort and Spa

We recently had the honor of interviewing HR Manager, Liza Murray, and bellman, Drew Shulman, of Westgate Park City Resort & Spa. The audience was both challenged and encouraged to learn about the mutually beneficial outcomes of integrated employment.Liza, a strong voice and contributor in the IGC community, shared valuable insights into creating an inclusive workplace for Drew, who navigates his professional journey with a unique perspective shaped by his disability. In our discussion, we heard first hand examples from Drew, providing a deeper understanding of the impactful collaboration between himself and the resort’s leadership. 

“dedication and commitment to Westgate is unmatched…if I could clone Drew I would!”

Drew’s journey in the hospitality industry, under the mentorship and support of Liza and her team, demonstrates why workplaces that involve associates of all abilities truly succeed. Initially interning at Hotel Indigo in Midtown Atlanta, Drew began his work in the hospitality industry and then took the full time offer at Westgate Resort upon graduating from Georgia Tech’s EXCEL program. Drew took the initiative to create laminated cards with crucial property information that allows him to remember this key information. This initiative not only aided him in navigating the expansive resort but also inspired admiration and practical application among his peers and even our webinar attendees, showcasing his innovative approach to resolving workplace challenges. 

Liza played a pivotal role in recognizing and supporting Drew’s talents, stating that his “dedication and commitment to Westgate is unmatched…if I could clone Drew I would!” By creating an environment in which Drew's abilities were acknowledged and utilized, Liza and her team experienced the benefits of embracing and supporting Drew to excel in his work. The result? Drew is now the longest-standing bellman at this property, a role that often witnesses high turnover, especially in a seasonal resort.

The story of Drew and Liza's experience serves as a reminder of the often-overlooked potential that individuals with diverse abilities bring to the workforce. Drew's reliability, humor, and innovative approach have not only earned him accolades within the team but also inspired others attending the webinar. Their narrative reinforces the idea that inclusive hiring practices not only benefit individuals with disabilities but also enrich the workplace, fostering creativity, adaptability, and sustained teams. 

You can view the full webinar recording here.