From Classroom to Collaboration: My Journey Towards an Inclusive Workforce

Founder Sarah Naumann shares her reflections on inclusion and her role as a collaborator in honor of Disability Employment Awareness Month. Let's celebrate and learn from diverse perspectives.
Oct 2 / Sarah Naumann, Founder In Good Company
Reflecting on my journey, the prevailing lesson has been the boundless value every individual, irrespective of their abilities, offers. My early school years, marked by an inclusive education system, taught me the strength inherent in diversity. This lesson deepened in High School when I spent a semester as a student aid for the ALE (Alternative Learning Environment) program. While I went into that semester thinking I was there to help others, I soon realized how much my friends with Autism, Down syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities had to teach me about joy, honesty, and resilience.  

This realization drove me to earn two degrees in Education and work with students who have learning differences. Every day I spent in the classroom was a burst of colors as I had the honor of observing and fostering their exceptional innovation, creativity, and perseverance. However, a nagging question persisted: "What did the future hold for my students? Would they find an environment that recognizes and cherishes their talents?”

To bridge this gap, I ventured from the classroom to Georgia Tech’s business school to earn my MBA. Initially, I perceived my journey as acquiring tools to help me help this community. But as before, I discovered that my purpose was bigger than assistance—it was collaboration, understanding, and advocacy.

Today, I’m part of a collective of visionaries—leaders striving for a workforce that doesn’t just integrate but celebrates the unique abilities of every individual. As we mark Disability Employment Awareness Month, let's push beyond awareness to active collaboration. Let’s create environments that genuinely value every voice and perspective.

The crux isn’t just to support individuals with disabilities; it's to understand that a diverse workforce is inherently more dynamic and beneficial for everyone. Drawing from my experiences, from youthful classrooms to navigating the world of business, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of diverse collaboration. I invite every organization and individual to join this mission. Together, we can create not just inclusive workplaces, but a world that wholeheartedly celebrates its rich tapestry of talents and abilities.